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Fun Activities You Can Engage Your Kids in This Winter

Winter can be a time where activities are limited since kids cannot go to play out as they are used to. When you find the right activities to engage then in, they can have a great time. Some of the activities you can engage your kids in are highlighted below.

Kids love getting messy and it is one of the ways you can engage them this winter season. When you involve your kids in craft activities such as painting, drawing or coloring, they are bound to have fun. You can use potatoes and finger painting if you do not have brushes. Their work can also be put up on walls if it has focus.

Through music, you can also engage your kids. Instruments playing or sing along can make some great activities to do with your kids. Throwing in some dancing styles for them to copy can be helpful for their memory as well.

Movie marathon can be a great way to spend time with your little ones this season. There is nothing like eating popcorns in front of the tv all warm and cozy for a movie marathon. Kids will also enjoy classic movies such as home alone and miracle on 34th street.

Some outdoor options for your kids can revolve around the museum, aquarium and museum. They will get educative tours or readings and get to learn amazing facts and seaQuest is an example of such places. additionally, the kids will get to make new friends.

Christmas cupcakes and gingerbread are a hit this Christmas season and you can let the kids in the fun as well by letting them bake with you. Simple things such as sieving the flour or decorating can go along way in making the kids enjoy the season.

Try out indoor camping with your kids this season as well. When you move the furniture around, you will be amazed at the space available for some indoor camping. you do not need something elaborate to have fun here since telling stories or puppet shows can suffice.

kids also love hide and go seek and it is an exciting game you can play indoor as well. The game takes ages and can be fun and entertaining for your kids as well. A new twist to the game can be hiding their toys and giving them clues where they can find them.

watching birds and feeding them can be a popular activity for you and your kids this season. The beauty of this activity is that it does not have to be an expensive activity. When you have seeds and the strings you can use this items to feed the birds.

Writing letters to Santa is a common activity this season and one that you and your kids are bound to enjoy. Your kids can give you a hint of what they want for Christmas by writing to Santa.

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